Should I send my proposal by mail?
No. The abstracts are not sent to the electronic address, but to a specific section of the Congress website. To do this, you must first enter, from there to the tab “Submission of proposals” and, once there, click on the green button where it says “Send your proposal”. If a user has not yet been created in the Congress site, the first step to upload the abstract is to create a user using the "Sign up" option.

What is the "Math question" for?
It is a simple control mechanism to differentiate whether the user is a robot or a real person (it works as a "captcha").

What is the deadline to submit my proposal?
Until January 15th.

When will they tell me if it was accepted?
Before February 28th.

How is a collective abstract "loaded"?
Collective abstracts must be uploaded by one of the exhibiting members. It is convenient that the rest of the exhibitors are already registered as users when loading the abstract. In this way, the system will automatically recognize them in the field corresponding to other exhibitors for that abstract. If not registered, the remaining authors must be manually loaded.

How are bibliographic references made in the abstract?
The authors named are described in the body of the abstract simply with the system (author year: page). For example: (Eco 1967: 68) or as Eco says (1967: 68).

Can I request to share my table with other researchers under a specific subtopic?
Yes. This proposal must be informed in the presentation of each abstract. It should be included in the body of the abstract text, at the end. This will be attended by the Organizing Committee.

Can I request a formal letter of acceptance to carry out procedures in my university or country of residence?
Yes. You can request it at, it will be sent to you electronically in PDF format.

Can I propose to launch a publication during the congress?
Yes. Proposals to launch publications can be sent to the electronic address of the Congress,, from March 30 to April 30. The Organizing Committee, according to the availability in the program and the volume of requests, will inform you of the acceptance, date and time of completion.

When and how should I pay registration to Congress?
The payment will be made once the acceptance of the abstract or the abstracts is confirmed. In the coming weeks, a specific button will be created to make the payment in the "Registration" section of the Congress website. If your abstract has already been approved, we will send you a notification when that option is available.

When and how should I pay the subscription to the IASS / AIS?
When the payment system referred to in the previous point is enabled, registration to the Congress and the 2019 IASS / AIS fee may be paid simultaneously through the Congress website.

Do I have to pay for each presentation I submit?
No. Each participant pays only one registration, regardless of the number of abstracts presented, whether they are individual or group.

In a group presentation do all the exhibitors pay?
Yes. Registration is personal.

Is it a requirement to attend the Congress to receive an exhibitor certificate?
Yes, the requirements are payment and assistance.

If I send the presentation, pay the registration but do not travel, it is possible to have it read by another speaker?
No, assistance is required.

If in a group presentation only one or some but not all exhibitors pay, who receives the exhibitor certificate?
Only those who pay and attend.

Are there benefits for members of the Argentine Association for Semiotic Studies (AAS)?
The sponsoring partners of the AAS (who have paid 4 annual installments in advance) have a bonus registration to Congress. They only have to pay the IASS / AIS fee, which is the one corresponding to the lowest international value (USD 18). The active members of the AAS (annual fees 2018 and 2019 paid) have access to a reduced rate of USD 60. To this amount must be added the payment of the IASS / AIS fee, which is the one corresponding to the lowest international value (USD 18). Queries about fees and the payment system can be directed to

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