Dispersive Trajectories: Transforming Memory as Nomadic Art

Dispersive Trajectories: Transforming Memory as Nomadic Art Fatima Festić For the Congress, I offer to present the outline of my current project, “Dispersion and the Politics of Transforming Memory”. The project elaborates a novel theoretical approach to dispersion, related to memory’s transformative potential and its creative materialization through a definable type of politics. My approach focuses on individuals rather disconnecting from groups (hitherto dispersion as such is not clearly scholarly differentiated from diaspora). I explore the relation of dispersion to memory production in literature, other art media, theory – as singular creative acting in the wake of traumatic events, and further suggest understanding and theorizing of contemporary subjects’ dispersiveness as a modality of habitation and an action of transforming memory. As movement is arguably a transformation, thinking today structurally nomadic, memory performatively subject to change, desire related to beginnings/becoming, I trace the political potential thereby endowed to dispersion. Since resolving the “states of injury”, re-negotiating of identities, borders of communities, layers of memory make the core of the European project and various global projects, I suggest to observe moving trajectories in individual creative interacting with the plurimediality of the newly encountered imaginary and artscapes. The project’s objective is to describe the role of dispersive art intervention into the prevalence of hurtful or grieving mnemonic referents (also in contemporary memory studies) as indeed a political change, while also a wider heritage preservation. Within the above described framework, this presentation will focus on the semioticity of these processes, as dispersive trajectories imply and perform transpositions, semiotically defined as imaginative leaps. That is, the capacity of the signifying processes to transform and be transformed, the key feature of (theory of) nomadism, as well as the key feature of art. I will analyze dispersive(-migratory) or nomadic artistic outputs as resignification of mnemonic referents, as reworking the critical points of a group memorability in ever changing paths of a relational ethical motion, distinction, self-definition, articulation, production, inter-art translation – in new zones of contact (or redistributed vectors of power) and in plurimediated domains of some earlier created art.
Países Bajos
Temas y ejes de trabajo: 
Las semióticas de las artes: momentos y territorios
Transposiciones y fenómenos transmediáticos
University of Amsterdam

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Estado del abstract: 
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