"The laws of semiotics and digitalization of culture: the birth of new meanings"

Culture as a system of relations between man and the world, as a sign-symbolic reality in the 21st century is transformed under the influence of universal digitalization. By 2020, the number of devices connected to the Internet will exceed 25 billion, exceeding twice the number of users. Now, a person models the world and himself taking into account new models of communication. Two types of relationships - communication and symbolic - come together, giving birth to new meanings. Having received in the hands of the 21st century new affordable communication mechanisms, every person becomes a creator, depriving professionals of a monopoly on creativity. Today is the time of universal creativity and the art of sight comes to the fore - when everyone is able to see, record and transfer to society his view of the world through selfie photos, video blogs and posts on social networks. Looking creates a symbol and the value of the symbol becomes more valuable than the value of the thing itself.
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Las semióticas de las artes: momentos y territorios
Associate Professor of the Russian State University for the Humanities, Associate Professor of the Moscow City Pedagogical University, Editor-in-Chief of the Moscow Educational TV Channel, Editor-in-Chief of the network theater publication “Media - Pro

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Estado del abstract: 
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